Mobile Technology and its Application to Coffee Growing

Over 3 billion people use mobile phones globally with China, India and the US being the leading countries with the highest number of mobile phone users. With such a vast distribution of mobile technology, it is impressive how mobile technology can be used, especially in the coffee industry. The best part is that even developing countries are not being left behind.

Coffee farmers and mobile technologies

Getting farmers to onboard technology in this industry has not been easy. Hopefully, as innovators continue to persist, and the benefits become more evident, more farmers will support different technologies. This resistance is more so as a result of the age gap, which tells why younger farmers are more adaptive to change compared to their older counterparts.

A great example of how mobile technology can be of use with coffee farming is the app by WeatherSafe, which helps coffee farmers gain essential information on climate changes. Since this is an aspect that significantly affects coffee harvest, cooperatives, the government and researchers can help farmers prepare accordingly using the app and a corresponding software available to higher institutions.