Blockchain, IBM and The Coffee Supply Chain

Technology and the coffee industry are moving closer together, thanks to IBM’s Thank My App. This app allows IBM to coordinate with coffee makers to help track sourcing and the entire production chain. Using the app, consumers can track and learn more about coffee movement from the farmer to the cup and even directly support the farmer. It helps make communication along the coffee production chain much more straightforward.

History of the Project

This platform was a project under the IBM Blockchain. Organizations such as the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC), Beyers Koffie, Sucafina, RGC coffee, among others were significant contributors to the success of the project. Blockchain uses a transparent and distributed ledger which makes cryptocurrencies possible. With such secure identification on products, problems such as counterfeiting and fraud will be handled easily.

According to IBM, with more people taking coffee, and more bodies securing distribution certificates, many farmers are still not getting as many profits as they ought to. This is mostly because of insufficient or lack of accountability and knowledge. The coffee supply chain is too large, which makes it hard to trace it from both ends. Hopefully, IBM’s food trust will help bridge such gaps.